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The Rontal Clinic

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer is an extremely common condition in our society, partly owing to our outdoor lifestyles and perhaps to changes in the amount of ultraviolet light we experience. Oftentimes, the disease is managed at an early stage with minimal impact on the patient. In other cases, more significant intervention is required. In these cases, cancer may be removed such that a reconstructive procedure is required in order to close a wound.

The doctors in the Rontal Clinic have been well trained and have become very experienced in the art and science of wound closure. Drs. Matthew Rontal and Dorise Yang have received fellowship training in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, and have developed a close working relationship with area colleagues in dermatology.

Often, a range of wound closure options are available, and the doctors take care to present these options and to choose the best one with their patients. Most often, care is provided in a single outpatient case with the possible need for smaller refinement procedures down the road. Occasionally, more extensive reconstructive procedures are required, and great care is taken in helping patients through the necessary steps while obtaining excellent results.

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