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In-Office Procedures

Broken Nose

Because the nose stands projected from the central aspect of the face, and because it is an important part of our airway, its form and function are key aspects of ENT health. However, its location also makes it a common point of facial trauma.
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Turbinate Reduction

The turbinates are normal structures of the nasal passage. They are best described as curls of bone covered with soft tissue that projects into the nasal passage from the sidewall structures. In many patients, however, they become chronically enlarged and result in nasal obstruction.
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Balloon Sinuplasty

Technology and surgical technique have continued to improve such that many of the procedures can now be performed in the office. One of these technologies is the sinus balloon an instrument used to open sinuses with minimal trauma and rapid healing.
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Managing the Paralyzed and Spastic Vocal Cord

Neurologic disease of the vocal cords embraces both conditions that weaken or paralyze the vocal cords or cause increased tone. In this section unilateral or one sided paralysis is featured.
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