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The Rontal Clinic

Facial Reconstruction

The face is the central point of communication between oneself and the rest of the world. It is the visual symbol tagged to one’s personality. It is the central point of our senses. For most people, it is most basically the intake for breathing and nourishment. To restore the form and function of the face is to restore much of the opportunity for a trauma patient to lead and normal life.

Facial trauma may take the form of a simple cut or bruise or a complex and life-threatening injury involving the facial skeleton and surrounding structures. In managing these issues, Dr. Rontal has cared successfully for the breadth of facial injuries. He works extensively with allied colleagues in neurosurgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and oculoplastic surgery over several years.

In considering the best timing for intervention, choosing the best method of repair, making use of the latest technologies and materials, the result is optimized while always attempting to minimize the negative impact on the patient during the time of surgery and recovery.

Dr. Rontal is has managed both and acute and long-term effects of facial trauma for more than 10 years in practice. He received fellowship training largely devoted to facial trauma and has published and presented his understanding and work in the field to colleagues several times.

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