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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Royal Oak Michigan

Rhinoplasty involves changing the structures of the external, visible aspects of the nose to improve the nasal airway and/or the nasal appearance.

Dr. Matt Rontal performs rhinoplasty both for patients who have never had nasal surgery or to improve the result following a prior rhinoplasty. In the pre-operative meeting, you and Dr. Rontal discuss exactly what functional and aesthetic problems exist and define your goals. Your history and physical exam are compared with normal anatomy and ideal aesthetics.

Since ideal nasal shapes for men and women differ, your gender is also considered. This meeting may also include a discussion of your desire to conserve your ethnic or familial appearance. Then a plan is put in place, which may be minimalist or extensive, depending on your goals, anatomic needs, and overall health.

For rhinoplasty, insurance approval may not be obtainable, but we make every reasonable attempt to obtain coverage where appropriate prior to scheduling. If coverage is denied, we will provide a quote for the cost to you.