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The Rontal Clinic

Balloon Sinuplasty

Increasingly, sinus surgery can be performed in the office and without general anesthesia. In fact, we may be in the period of the midst of a dramatic change in how sinus surgery is provided, nation-wide. For many years, rudimentary sinus surgery, devoid of any of the technology that we now consider central to sinus surgery, was performed in the office. As technology improved, sinus surgery was removed to the OR. This technology included the abilities to see the nasal passages and sinuses with endoscopes and to more carefully and remove sinus tissue in a targeted fashion, improving results and healing time.

Now, technology and surgical technique have continued to improve such that many of the procedures can now be performed in the office. One of these technologies is the sinus balloon, an instrument used to open sinuses with minimal trauma and rapid healing. In properly selected patients, sinus surgery in the office offers patients the best of results while avoiding the downtime and risk of deep general anesthesia.