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The Rontal Clinic

Larynx and Voice

The larynx or voice box is more than just an organ to produce sound (such as our voice); the larynx is the valve that separates the airway from the throat, which allows us to swallow without choking. When closed, the larynx also allows you to build up the pressure in the chest and abdomen. This allows you to cough and to bear down, facilitating lifting.

Our doctors at The Rontal Clinic have devoted a combined 80+ years to the study of the larynx and the treatment of swallowing and voice disorders. Our understanding of laryngeal function and dysfunction is a culmination of the scientific literature, to which we have significantly contributed, and our practical experience. Our approach is to first understand the underlying pathologic mechanism and then address this specifically.

We see a broad range of laryngeal issues, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), professional voice disorders, paralysis of a vocal cord, fixation of a vocal cord (s), scarring of the vocal cords, neuromuscular disease, and central nervous system diseases.

To determine these issues, we use the latest methods of diagnosis, including visualization, video stroboscopic examination, electromyography, pulmonary function testing, contrast swallowing studies and esophagograms, CAT scanning of the larynx and visualization of the esophageal mucosa. We also employ computerized voice analysis.

Most or all of our diagnostic work up can often be completed in a single office visit.

Correcting laryngeal issues requires a broad understanding of the problem and wise choices of medications and procedures. We maintain a wealth of experience and even develop new ways to treat these issues. Often treatment can be easily addressed with medication or speech modification (for which we often partner with trusted colleagues in speech therapy). When surgery is required, approaches include everything from endoscopic, microscopic resection to laryngospastic procedures and laryngeal injections of filler material. We have long been a leader in the field of neuromodulator (BOTOX) therapy for neuro muscular laryngeal disease.

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