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Rhinoplasty involves changing the structures of the external, visible aspects of the nose to improve the nasal airway and/or the nasal appearance. Dr. Matt Rontal performs rhinoplasty both for patients who have never had nasal surgery or to improve the result following a prior rhinoplasty. 

In the pre-operative meeting, you and Dr. Rontal discuss exactly what functional and aesthetic problems exist and define your goals. Your history and physical exam are compared with normal anatomy and ideal aesthetics. Since ideal nasal shapes for men and women differ, your gender is also considered. This meeting may also include a discussion of your desire to conserve your ethnic or familial appearance. Then a plan is put in place, which may be minimalist or extensive, depending on your goals, anatomic needs, and overall health.

For rhinoplasty, insurance approval may not be obtainable, but we make every reasonable attempt to obtain coverage where appropriate prior to scheduling. If coverage is denied, we will provide a quote for the cost to you. 

Rhinoplasty may be done through either a closed or open approach. The open approach allows for much greater visualization and control of the nasal architecture, as well as for a more detailed, precise management of the nasal tip. The closed approach provides more limited access to the structures that support and define the nose, although it is useful when less manipulation is required. 

Postoperative recovery requires time. Pain is controlled with narcotic pain medicine and then non-narcotic Tylenol. The need for narcotic medicine is variable but usually, lasts 3-7 days. Swelling will occur - both on the outside and on the inside of the nose. Upon waking up - and even into the first postoperative day - the nasal airway is usually markedly improved. However, the swelling will occur here too, and the nose will feel stuffy for about the next 3 weeks. Eventually, this too clears and the nasal airway opens. Externally, the swelling will peak during the first week but will take months to resolve. Most patients begin to see what will be the final result by the end of the first six weeks, however, for other patients, this can take up to three months. For all patients, some minor swelling will persist for up to a year, which affects the nasal airway. 

In few cases, smaller secondary adjustments are required during the first postoperative year to refine either the aesthetic or functional result. 

In general, the aesthetic goal of rhinoplasty is to create a nose that fits your face. Your overall facial appearance is an important consideration in planning the best shape for the nose. The nose should fit the face. Dr. Rontal takes great care understanding your desired outcome while achieving a final result that does not appear operated. 

Ideally, a nose should have a pleasing shape, but should not be the focus of your appearance. A nose that might meet an "ideal" described in a book may look out of place if it doesn’t fit your face. Typical, telltale "nose-job" appearances are avoided. The best result is a nose that has been made into a patient's own ideal.

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